If you belong to the “beginners” category, there’s a good chance you’re wondering: who or what are Floyd Roses? Sound like a weird band that poses as a tribute to both Pink Floyd and Guns’N’Roses, at the same time. Yup, sound pretty unfortunate, even though we’re talking about phenomenal bands. Anyway, that’s not what we’re gonna discuss today.

Okay, so what are Floyd Roses, and who are they named after? Why are they so important that we’ve chosen to write about them, here at Music Gear Heads? That’s what you’re about to find out in a matter of minutes, if not seconds! Stay tuned for some useful info!

Setting up the Floyd Rose tremolo system can be a bit difficult for a beginner guitarist. However, experienced players add, that shouldn’t stop you from buying a guitar that has this option or installing the FR system on your instrument. You’ll get into the hang of things fast enough, but not too soon, though.

Is that all there’s to say about this topic? Of course, it’s not. Read the whole thing!

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What are Floyd Roses?

To be completely honest, it’s better to structure this question in the following manner: what is the Floyd Rose? Before we continue our little talk about whether Floyd Roses are good for beginners, we’ll define the whatever-it-is.

You’ll want to know that the Floyd Rose is a tremolo system first introduced during the early 1980s. Ever since then, it’s been like a household name among guitarists worldwide. Today, it’s still one of the most popular choices of hardware for various guitar manufacturers. So, what’s it all about?

We’re talking about a double-locking tremolo system that was created for electric guitars invented by none other than Floyd D. Rose. If you were to ask some experienced guitar players, they’d surely tell you that Floyd Rose somewhat revolutionized the whole guitar industry back in the day. Also, you’ll want to know that the Floyd Rose system works very similarly to a vintage-style tremolo, and has a very recognizable visual identity. You’ve probably seen this design on Fender Strats (click here to see why this guitar model is twangy). Anyway, this vintage screw-in tremolo system enables the player to raise or lower the pitch of their instrument in order to produce the so-called vibrato effect.

Anything else?

Well, of course. We’d be crazy not to mention the specifics that make the Floyd Rose tremolo system stick out from the crowd of similar products:

  • This tremolo system enables you to lock your guitar strings in place at two points: the bridge and the nut. You’ll find the locking saddles at the bride, where strings are inserted and locked into place with tightening bolts on the back of the bridge. You’ll be able to modify them using a hex key. Additionally, the bridge has the so-called fine tuners, one for each of the strings. These help a whole lot if the strings change tune due to changes in temperature or too much tremolo usage. 

Oh, and speaking of fine tuners, here’s an article on whether you’re able to take them off your violin. And we’re not done talking about the Floyd Rose system:

  • It also features a locking nut, that is used as a substitute for a classic bone or synthetic guitar nut. The system uses three metal plates, each of them locking two strings, and they can also be tightened using a hex key. This will, of course, keep your strings from sliding over the guitar nut and going out of tune while you’re having some fun with the whammy bar. 

Here’s a fun fact: legendary Eddie Van Halen wouldn’t be known for his so-called divebombs if there wasn’t for the Floyd Rose tremolo system. Let’s see if there’s something else we’d like to mention here, in the introductory segment.

Is Floyd Rose hard to use?

Most guitarists would agree that the Floyd Rose system might be a bit hard to use at first. However, all of them would also agree that you’ll eventually get better, after a bit of the good ol’ trial-and-error kind of process. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will you feel at home with your new tremolo system the first time you use it.

Also, we have to mention that the Floyd Rose system can be a real drag to set up. Still, once you set it up properly, chances are that you won’t have to do that ever again. Guess that’s about it for the intro section. Let’s address the main issue: are Floyd Roses good for beginners? 

A Fender Strat with a Floyd Roses tremolo system.

Are Floyd Roses good for beginners?

Alright, so we’ve reached the main section and we can’t help but assume you’re a beginner guitarist with an affinity towards all kinds of metal wondering whether a Floyd Rose might be a good solution. Without further ado, let’s see whether Floyd Roses are any good for beginners!

Most experienced guitarists will tell you the same: Floyd Roses might be a pain to set up for if you’ve just started your guitar-playing adventure. However, they add, that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out (still, it can be a bit of a downer for your budget). The main issue about FRs (as they’re colloquially called) is that they’re a bit tough to restring and set up. If you lack experience, that is. Once you get into the hang of things and learn how to properly set up the tremolo system in question, it all gets a bit easier.

Before you consider buying a Floyd Rose tremolo system and installing it on your favorite instrument, it’s best you watch a video on how to set it up correctly. If it doesn’t seem too complicated, you mightn’t have such a hard time dealing with FR. Also, let’s not forget another important issue concerning this piece of guitar equipment: Floyd Roses are a bit notorious since, in case you install an FR on your guitar, bending a single string will drop the pitch of the others which, you’ll agree, isn’t something you want.

Lastly, think about how much will you use the whammy bar in your playing (some folks say that they. Keep in mind that some players use Floyd Roses only because they will guarantee you fantastic tuning stability. Okay, so now that we’ve shown you whether Floyd Roses are good for beginners, let’s see some other info concerning this item.

Is it worth having a Floyd Rose?

So, you’ve read the above info concerning the relationship between beginner guitarists and the famous Floyd Rose tremolo system. There’s a chance you’ll want to know why would anyone want to opt for this addition to your instrument. In this paragraph, we’ll introduce you to the pros and cons of having a Floyd Rose tremolo system. Let’s hear it for the PROS:

  • They offer fantastic tuning stability. 
  • They’re exceptionally responsive to minor movement. 
  • They’re pretty comfy and they lack sharp edges. 

And what about the CONS?

  • It’s more of a single CON we’re talking about here (since the things we’ll mention here are pretty connected). Here’s the thing: as we’ve already said, setting up a Floyd Rose can be a real pain. Also, everything’s bolted together, which means that if you’re left with no adjustment space, you’ll have to detach the saddle and place it in a different spot. Lastly, once your fine tuners are out of adjustment, you’ll have to unlock your locking guitar nut and unlock it later. PS. Speaking of locking nuts, here’s some info on whether it’s possible to put a locking nut on a Strat

For many guitarists around the globe, the PROS beat the CONS, so, yeah, one might say that having a Floyd Rose system installed on your guitars is worth all the money and the hassle revolving around its setup.

Do you need Floyd Rose for metal?

We’ll try to be quick here. If you’re a beginner and metal’s your favorite musical genre, you might want to know whether a Floyd Rose is a necessity for playing that type of music. You’ll be quite happy to know that: no, you don’t need a Floyd Rose in order to play metal. Unless, of course, you’re not planning to exclusively play Pantera, which we kinda reckon you’re not.

Can you add a Floyd Rose to any guitar?

Unforutealy, adding a Floyd Rose to any guitar model isn’t really possible since certain guitars just don’t have the geometry that will the bridge placement. In something you’d call a tunable and playable position, that is. However, you’ll want to know that most bolt-on neck guitar models will pair up with the Floyd Rose, if, of course, the body’s thick enough and has enough space for various cavities.

Before we continue to say goodbye, here’s a fun article about why some guitarists are so arrogant. Don’t worry, we’re sure you don’t belong in that category.

Final thoughts on the matter

Okay, folks, that was that concerning the topic of whether Floyd Roses are good for beginners. Hopefully, you’ve had a good one reading this article. Also, we hope you’ve learned something new about the fantastic piece of guitar equipment better known as the Floyd Rose tremolo system. If you’re on the lookout for more guitar-related tips and info about everything that’s even mildly associated with your favorite instrument, click right here.