Backing tracks, loopers, youtube videos. All of these points are pretty fantastic! However, there’s nothing like playing with other musicians. This goes without saying! Whether you want to form a band, team up on authentic songs, or just a single jam. How to find a bass player through Reddit? Let’s hop into more details!

Playing with other musicians is especially enjoyable and fun. But it’s also a significant method to become a better musician. This site is all about acquiring skills that enable you to do things like play guitar attentively, devise, figure out songs by ear, write pieces and play solos. What you could name your ‘inner’ music skills. Playing with other individuals will oftentimes allow you to acquire those skills quicker, which is why it is good to always motivate musicians to play with other people as much as attainable. This does without saying!

Still, it can feel a bit daunting to find performers, jam buddies, or band members in your area. You may think ‘I don’t know any performers’ or ‘I’m not playing well enough. Don’t worry about that. There are always bands and musicians of all groups looking for a jam buddy or collaboration nearby. All you have to do is locate them! There are many ways to find musicians to play with or find a band to join in your area, Reddit is just one of them!

In order to find a bass player through Reddit, try to visit the BedroomBands subreddit forum. There you will uncover musicians who are composing and recording music in their bedrooms.

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Locating Musicians in ‘Real Life’

Here are a few ways you can locate fellow musicians in your area. There is indeed a variety of methods!

#1 Local Rehearsal Spaces

Rehearsal rooms frequently have a wall plastered with musicians who wanted ads of bands searching to find band associates. From Red Hot Chili Peppers surface bands to jazz mixes looking to play criteria. You can uncover pretty much anything, so be certain to study this out if you desire to join a band.

#2 Placing an Ad or a Notice

It functions. Significantly, U2 was formed after drummer Larry Mullen Jr. placed up a notice. When you decide to write a notice, know to be obvious about what you’re looking for. In this case, a bass player. Then, name various genres or bands you appreciate. It is as simple as that!

#3 Taking Group Music Lessons

Whether it’s band classes at a music school, a music presentation lesson, or group guitar lessons. Group lessons are a fantastic way to get to know musicians who convey your interests and are operating on the same things you are. This absolutely goes without saying!

#4 Attending Open Mic Nights

You don’t even have to play. Just socialize and speak to other music fanatics. It’ll come up unpretentiously that you’re looking to play with others more. You may run into a possible bandmate this way or meet somebody who can introduce you to respectable people.

#5 Asking Your Music Professor

Professors treasure seeing that students are enthusiastic about making music, so they’ll be glad to help. They may have a student or know somebody else who would make a fine jam buddy for you. They may even be up for organizing a ‘jam night’ with other learners.

Locating musicians in 'real life'

Locating Musicians on the Internet

There are also a whole lot of methods you can locate musicians without even leaving your home. Or even get out of the mattress! So here’s a round-up of the available choices to uncover musicians on the internet.

#1 Jamseek

Jamseek is concentrated on newbies or hobbyists learning music, guitar, and other instruments who are looking to uncover musicians to jam with, have fun and learn. This puts them apart from other platforms like join-my-band or band mix that contain (semi)-professional crowds searching for band associates.

Near to half of all their members are based in London. Thus, if you’re based in London you can be certain there are a bunch of musicians everywhere that frankly use the app and will reply to your messages. If you do not live in London, there are more suitable alternatives at the moment. The app has a rather neat map that makes it straightforward to see who is close to you. You can also use the search option that permits you to filter by instrument, genre, age group, and distance.

#2 Flint

Flint was formed by two musicians with one main purpose: to assist you to locate musicians. It is set up like a dating app where both sides need to say yes, after which you can text, transfer images and upload music. What’s amazing is that each profile has a play switch, so you can instantly listen to someone’s tune.

Generally speaking, there’s no way to purify by location. Thus, this app may be more fitting for an online partnership than discovering musicians near you. That stated, 80% of their members are based in the United States, primarily in San Diego, which is where the Flint team is based.

#3 Hendrix

Built-in Brooklyn, most Hendrix users are based in New York City, though there are thriving communities in musical municipalities all across the United States. Their priority is on quality. In the creator’s words: “Quality app + quality musicians equal quality relations.” Their matching scheme provides preference to members who are more involved and post higher quality content. This goes without saying! They too have very rare ‘ghost’ profiles: individuals who register but never actually employ the app.

Hendrix lately counted a classifieds branch. They’re operating on a 2.0 version of the platform, which concentrates on what occurs after you make an association. That implies more powerful methods to transfer content music, audio, and videos, and more emphasis on community.

#4 Amy

AMY’s goal is to help musicians in entirely all their necessities. From discovering band members to studios, shops, luthiers, roadies, media, or even selling tickets to a show. They’re expanding both for web and mobile in their pursuit of building the leading mechanism for musicians.

They’re located in Brazil, which is where they have the biggest portion of their user base. Nonetheless, they also hold assemblies in the United States, Europe, and the rest of Latin America.

#5 Vampr

One of the more contemporary apps to encounter musicians is Vampr. It delivers 50 classes you can tag yourself with or search around. Think hip-hop developer searching for a classically-trained trombonist. The app has a neat design and proposes swipe discovery, offering possible collaborators based on your search selections and of course your preference in music. Approximately 40% of their members are located in the US at the moment, though they have 10.000 daily active members in almost 200 countries.

One more fact. Vampr application is available to download both as an iOS app and at the google play store.

#6 BandFriend

BandFriend is an app concentrated on locating musicians with your preference and interests. It was built by a team of app developers that were not happy with the mobile choices available at the time. And it shows. The app appears and feels fantastic. You can search by music type, instrument and location, but you can likewise employ the ‘best match’ function.

When you find somebody, you can get in contact quite easily utilizing the in-app chat operation, which is a really pleasant touch. It appears their major user base is in the United States, so if that’s where you’re located this might be an interesting opportunity to check out.

#7 The Musos

The Musos was formed in 2020, so is a comparable newbie in this list. It has one site concentrated on the United States and another one particular for Australia. You can count SoundCloud tracks, images, and videos to your profile, letting you deliver a fair idea of what type of musician you are. You can discover musicians by searching a location, scanning profiles, and sending messages to other musicians you can relate with.

How to Find a Bass Player through Reddit?

The BedroomBands subreddit was designed to bring together musicians who are composing and videoing music in their bedrooms. (A subreddit is similar to a mini-forum if you are not acquainted with Reddit however.) The subreddit is thoroughly concentrating on online collaboration.

Therefore, if you’re operating on a track but require a respectable bass player, vocalist, or tuba player, you can post here to locate musicians who have an interest in collaborating. You can likewise review whether there are any projects you’d like to enter or make a post using the [LFG] tag.

The subreddit was assembled in the first few days of 2018 and increased to 6000 members in no time. As of 2020, the subreddit has more than 18.000 subscribers. So, if you’re searching for online collaboration, this is undoubtedly worth checking out! This goes without saying!